Our library is fully computerized and accessible on campus. LAN operates on a specialized library software i.e. SOUL 2.0, INFLIBNET, a user friendly package which facilitates issue and return of books, and online access to the catalogue and issuing of books. The library has adopted the latest information technology like: CDs, DVDs, Multimedia Kits, Barcode Scanners, Text, and Graphic Scanners for effective use of library services. The library has a wide range of resources; it includes text books, reference books, electronic data bases, large collection of video cassettes, photograph album, CDs, and subscription of newspapers etc. Library has a sufficient number of text books, wide range of reference books & journals which cover almost all areas of Nursing, Life Science, Computer Science and Management. The library also provides various reports and data collection of different corporate groups in the form of CDs. This center helps to develop research capabilities and entrepreneurship skills amongst the students.


The campus has decent and affordable boarding facility. Separate Boys and Girls hostels are available within the campus premises. Rooms are spacious, hygienic, well-ventilated, illuminated, and contain the required furnishings. The facilities in the hostel induce housekeeping, dry-cleaning, and laundry service. The institute is committed to provide full time security to both hostels which are managed by respective wardens.

Canteen and Mess

Campus has a very spacious mess: equipped with furniture, and other facilities, Students dinning in the mess are free to decide their menu for the week. Care is taken regarding the taste, hygiene, and nutrition value of the food. Due importance is given to the choices of the students from different locations in India, which gives them a feeling of home cooked food, away from home.

Computer Lab

The campus has a fully equipped, Air-Conditioned computer lab with the latest available software. The lab consisting of 50 computers is available for use to the students in Class and non-class hours. High quality software is used for grading course registration, faculty feed back. Attendance in class, conducting on line evaluation etc. has also been installed on the network.


The College has a fleet of buses to provide transportation facility to students and staff. Bus routes are well planned to cover all the areas of the city and some areas of the outskirts.Each bus is equipped with a first aid box and fire extinguisher.

Medical Facilities

Medical aid is available to the students by the help of full time Nurses who stay in the campus. On call doctor is available 24*7 for the hostellers inside the campus. Stretchers, wheel chairs and other equipment are on constant standby for any eventuality. Ambulance facility is also available in the Campus in case of any emergency.

Boys & Girls National Cadet Corps India (NCC)

NCC is a dynamic organization of young boys and girls all over the India. It plays an important role in inculcating values of character, patriotism, unity and selfless services amongst the youth. It helps in shaping the youth into disciplined responsible citizens of India. NCC provides the platform for self- development and helps to channelize their energy and potential towards nation building. NCC is an organization to establish the values of "Unity & Discipline", which is also its motto. NCC has three wings: The Army, The Navy & The Air-Force.

BOYS & GIRLS National Service Scheme (NSS)

The motto or watchword of the National Service Scheme is "NOT ME BUT YOU". This reflects the essence of democratic living and upholds the need for selfless service and appreciation of the other person's point of view and also shows the consideration for fellow human beings. It underlines that the welfare of the individual is ultimately dependent on the welfare of society on the whole. And it is the aim of the NSS to demonstrate the motto in its day to day programs.

Cultural Club

The cultural club at the VISM was formed to instill values among the students and to provide an opportunity to showcase their cultural talent. The college organizes various cultural events throughout the year to keep the cultural spirit alive. The club organizes various cultural activities as per the academic calendar to indoctrinate a sense of belongingness, team work, coordination & amiability.

Sports Club

"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another without no loss of enthusiasm" - Sir Winston Churchill.This enthusiasm is inculcated through various sports activities like Football, Cricket, Volleyball, and Badminton, held in the campus. Outdoor sports and indoor-games provide a refreshing break from the hectic schedule of academia. The competition among the students is intense and the levels of enthusiasm are high.

Games played in the institution are:
Boxing Ring
Lawn Tennis Court
Volley Ball
Hand Ball
Judo & Wrestling
Cricket (Net Practice)
Table Tennis